Egypt: Vocational Training Center

Comment from IN ED from Egypt - We found out that recently in Egypt the unemployment rate is more than 25% and there is many young women and young men that are not qualified for any work so we decided to help them. We plan to train them on skills such as hairdresser, barber, sewing, fixing computers and mobile phone, fixing air conditions and refrigerators and also training courses in English language and computer skills. We plan to provide those young people with tools so they can start their own small business and earn some money and to have a good quality time.

I shared this vision with an Egyptian family that lives in Australia. This family had left Egypt and they are originally from a very poor village from Egypt and they well understand the meaning to poverty. Because the Lord had blessed this family financially they decided to bless us in Egypt, by providing the finance to buy the training center and provided all the equipment for the training.  We have to find financial support to start training the people. We can train as many as finance will allow. Each trainee needs around NZ$240 to cover his training over 2 months.

We are asking for people help sponsor 6 trainees a year at $1,460 a year or $ 120 a month.

Another option is funding the training of 3 trainees a year $730 or $60 a month.

One off donations are also always welcome!

Success stories  from the training center

Ebtehag is one of the hairdressing trainees. Through the sessions we get to know her circumstances that she is a mother to three children and her husband hasn’t stable job and she had health problems because she had kidney stones. So, we sent her to a doctor who took care of her. He bought her the medications too.

Also, we hired her daughter to work at the office in order to get her education expenses.So, through the center we could help her financially and medically and now she has learned hairdressing skills which will help her to increase her income.

Rasha is one of the hairdressing trainees. She is muslim and separated from her husband and has a little daughter. She came to the center to learn hairdressing skills in order to have her own job.

At the end of the sessions she was very happy because she learned a lot in a short time. She said that she found love and counsel for her life and that she will return back to her husband in order that her daughter to be raised in a healthy atmosphere.

Mona: She is a Muslim girl that attended the hairdressing course. She wanted to learn a job in order to have her own project. Because of her young age, her mother came with her.

She was very happy that she came to a place that offers love and care besides the teaching.



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