Change a life

Mosquito Net

Mosquito nets help save lives of families in the slums of Bangladesh

School Shoes

Your $25 donation will provide footwear for a child and put a smile of his/her face.

Training and tools

Give to provide training and tools to empower a woman in Ghana through vocational skills training and equipment to help them start up their own business.

A years school fees

Send a child to School for a year $75. A slum child's life is completely transformed when they attend school. The money covers their school fees to attend school in rural Allahabad, India.

Mobility tricycle

A tricycle means work. Mobility gives a person with a physical disability a chance to be self sufficient by making their own living.

Childrens shoes and socks

This winter barefoot Syrian refugee children need shoes and socks

Syrian refugee food packs

There are half a million Syrian refugees living in Egypt, many of the children have lost their fathers through the fighting and their mothers struggle to put food on the table.