I would like to write to my child, what should I do?

Please visit the Sponsor's Lounge for information


Where can I get the latest meeting information on upcoming International Needs visitors?  

Please refer to our Calendar and/or contact our INNZ office


I would like to get involved practically, how can I do this?

There are many ways you can be involved, you can:


How are the IN Ministries on the receiving financial end accountable?

Our chartered Front Line countries are all subject to a financial audit every year and these audits are checked by an independent auditor.  

How much money goes overseas?  80% gets to the project, 20% is held in NZ for the Administration expenses of the NZ Office and 1.8% goes to training, capacity building and meetings.

We endeavour to keep our running costs as minimal as possible so more can go towards the needs.


How is International Needs NZ accountable financially?


What does the money for Child Sponsorship go towards?

Child Sponsorship money - none of the funds go directly to the child.  

They are used to pay school fees, buy books, school equipment and uniforms and gifts for the family.  The local International Needs Office administers these funds and they are only used for the specific child, not the community he/she lives in.


What if I don’t want to sponsor a child but still wish to contribute towards the particular ministry?

You can contribute to the general needs of that project, whether it be a school, a training institute or a community development of a village or squatter area.  See 'Support a Need'


What is International Needs distinctive?