Church Partnership

Church Partnership

One thing unique to us is our ability to 'broker' relationships between Christian communities and churches - with individual churches in the developing world - usually in quite impoverished circumstances.

This is a work of ours, quite separate to community development, child sponsorship, relief and aid work, but it can incorporated all of these, as churches journey with the challenges of meeting the urgent needs facing the local churches dealing with extreme poverty and lack of work opportunities.

Here at International Needs NZ these are the core components of the opportunities we are offering New Zealand churches today.  Some time ago we set about to build strong, long-term relationships with our supporters and with the churches in NZ with the goal of every Christian and every church being able to say that they were making a strategic impact in the nations.

Many churches in NZ have come into partnership with International Needs through our Integrated Mission Partnership model (IMP).  This is a model which focuses on the best outcomes for the NZ church and the overseas partner.  Each situation is different, but these partnerships focus on one community, to see it transformed in a holistic fashion.  So in a slum area in Manila, for example, there would be elements like child sponsorship to provide education for families in poverty, support of a church worker, who will be working with those families, medical interventions for the community in which these families live, sanitation and educational initiatives like community libraries and micro-credit schemes for employment creation.

The New Zealand church becomes a partner, through International Needs, of this community, seeking to help them with their goals for a better standard of living.  So within the church, there are some who sponsor a child, some who support a Christian worker, some give to community projects, some go on short term mission trips to the community and help in some appropriate way, some host our National Leaders when they visit the NZ church to build relationships.

Please contact Gradon Harvey (INNZ Executive Director) to further discuss building strategic, impacting partnerships which change the world for Jesus.

Pastors/Evangelist sponsorship - NZ$50.00 per church planter per month