About Cappuccino Club

The Cappuccino Club was founded in 2008 by a New Zealand couple.

They had lived in the Philippines from 1990 to 2002 and had the opportunity to express compassionate love in some very tangible ways. During their time in the Philippines they established a sponsorship program that provided Primary and High School education for more than twenty deserving children. They had envisioned that such a program would go some way to alleviating poverty by providing better employment opportunities for the graduates.

In April 2008 they made their first return visit to the community where the sponsorship had been provided. They were saddened to see these bright kids, having graduated from High School, still working in the open markets selling fish or worse still, working as bar girls in night clubs. It soon became apparent that High School education alone, although extremely beneficial, does little to alleviate multi-generational poverty in the home.

Their desire had always been to make a lasting difference into the lives of these gracious and needy people and they were distressed to see brilliant children living under the curse of poverty usually through no fault of their own. They determined that day to do something tangible to help these children have the same opportunities that they would want their own children to have.

In April 2015 TCC came under the umbrella of International Needs.


Upon investigation it was discovered that for less than the cost of just one cup of coffee a day (approximately NZD4.50) a student could be placed into a state-run university or technical institute in the Philippines. From that alarming discovery was birthed a new compassion-based Christian ministry that is called The Cappuccino Club (TCC).

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