"The objectives of The Cappuccino Club receives my full support. This initiative offers a compassionate and practical response to the plight of multi-generational poverty. I applaud what The Cappuccino Club is seeking to achieve and wish them every success in their endeavors."

Simon Bridges MP (NZ Member of Parliament)



"The responsibility to serve the poor and needy is clearly mandated in God's Word. The Cappuccino Club takes this call seriously and provides a strategic approach, which with God's blessing has the potential for transforming entire communities."

Allison Mooney (International corporate speaker and Author of "Pressing the Right Buttons")



"The Cappuccino Club seeks to bring dignity and honor to a neglected people in a God-honoring way and receives my full endorsement."

Jojo Lastimosa (Former Filipino Professional Basketball Player)



How you can be involved

You can be involved in a number of ways:

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