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Christian aid to international needs around the world.

Stand with us to bring justice to the innocent

We are going to fund a full-time lawyer and legal assistant to provide legal support for trafficking survivors, help collect testimonies and medical forensic, documents to prosecute traffickers, accompany survivors in court.

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Abandoned women offered training and hope for better future

In Jessore, a city of 2.7 million, there are literally thousands of abandoned women who have been widowed or divorced or that have come out of abusive situations that are now living in chronic poverty. There are also many children living on the streets vulnerable to human trafficking.

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Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey

Turkish frontier... cold, harsh and in need. International Needs has been providing comfort for the Syrian refugees in Turkey. Many of the refugees (most of them children) have seen horrific and terrifying violence.

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A Hall for Sano Diyo (little lighthouse) in India

Sano Diyo is home for 40 abandoned Nepali girls near Siliguri in India (there are 6 million Nepalese living in India). They need a hall next to their home to continue to develop their work.

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Children in Crisis Fund

Please join us! Become a regular supporter of our Children in Crisis Fund for $20 a month. Your regular support means you can respond, again and again.

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Dollar Donor

With 97 dollar donors giving weekly - with a monthly income of $656.. please join us! In the midst of all the suffering and need of this world, what good can a donation of a single dollar do? When combined with the single dollar from 1,000 or more other people, given once a week - your dollar can achieve heaps!

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