Sano Diyo Relief Operations

The situation is Darjeeling is not doing good. Darjeeling is suffering through intense pressure due to strikes called by the present political party for demand of a different state from present government and today 10th August 2017 is the 55th day of indefinite strikes. Every schools, offices, shops, vehicles are closed.

Tension is prevailing every day; the demand for a different state is now not just only in the country but the voice has been raised all over the world. The demand is for the last 110 years. Besides most of the kids are suffering due to no schools and less food, especially those who survive on daily wages. Arpana and I, we were very much worried about the INCAP kids we have in places like Ging, Harsing, Bannockburn, Panighatta, Dudhia and Pankhabari from villages in Darjeeling. These are our children who come from very poor backgrounds and their parents or guardians depend and survive on daily wages. We could not sleep when we were having daily meal twice a day while the kids were sleeping hungry with just a square of meal in the noon.

On 22th July we decided to take relief to Pankhabari, Dudhia and Panighatta, so we decided to take the relief material consisting of rice, lentils, sugar, salt, cooking oil and biscuits. We phoned Ps.Kabir Lama, (white shirt) once a party leader himself, now a pastor, helped us in favour for taking relief materials to community kids.

Every kid and their parents were extremely relieved to receive food packet, which we believe is totally God's grace and His favour to his loved ones, specially the kids.
It was privilege to remind them the good news and share what the Lord has done for each and every one. As the need of physical food it was an urgency to share about the spiritual need, too.

Now the challenge was to provide relief toward main Darjeeling area, as we planned and prayed many well wishers discouraged us, though loved ones and prayer partners encouraged us, so we fixed the date .Our biggest challenge was to drive through the main town road where no vehicles were running and reach the destination of Harsing, Ging & Bannockburn. We just felt the spirit of the Lord moving us, so we decided on 24th of July.

So early morning at 2:30 am we got up, loaded every relief packets and right on 3:45am, we headed for Darjeeling, praying that no one will hinder and prevent us from reaching with relief materials to our destination. We started with a prayer and peacefully reached our destination at 6:45am in the morning.
Seeing us early morning to our destined place the community kids and their parents were absolutely excited and curious to know how we made it so we got a privilege to share the good news and remind ourselves of Jeremiah 1:8 "Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you," declares the LORD. It rained on that day, and that was a huge blessing for us.
While we started distributing food package the kids were happy to receive the food package but extremely thrilled and excited to see sugar and biscuits, which they were missing for many days. We were also concerned with the kids' studies as all the school are closed but we were relieved and blessed to know that they are having tuitions every two hours a day with four hours of study at home. While we were returning back we kind of felt sense of relief and thanked God for his providence. We just want to let everyone of you know that the help, prayers and care from each and every one of you has not only helped in sending kids to school or filled their stomachs but honestly it has brought God's blessing to our part of the world through the love from the sacrifice of your giving that God has blessed. Thank you very much and God bless you more each day.

Prayer Requests:
1. God's full protection and providence to every community kids and their family at this time of tense situation.
2. We pray that the present situation will be normal as soon as possible so that the poor family depending upon daily wage will get enough food to eat.
3. Kids should be able to go to schools.
4. No violence, killings and communal problems in hills and plains of Darjeeling.
5. We are in a safe place where we are treated well, but since the majority is Bengali, we pray that it does not become communal.
6. God’s safety and protection to all our school going girls in Sano Diyo and community kids here in Siliguri town.

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