Bangladesh - Naogoan ophanage project

Children in the rural areas of Bangladesh are in danger of child exploitation and enforced labour. International Needs wants your help to open an Orphanage in Naogoan to give the community hope and a future. The Orphanage would provide accommodation and care for 50 children rescued from child exploitation and schooling, healthcare and food to 400 children in the surrounding community.

International Needs opened a Free School in the rural area Naogoan, Northwest Bangladesh and more than 250 children immediately started coming to school every day of their own free will.

Today, there are 280 children attending classes. Through child sponsorship they receive food, clothing and medical care.

The people who live in rural areas face debilitating poverty and many of the children have no families or adults who care for them. Some work as day labourers in local factories or fields, while others live on the streets, stealing food when they can and sleeping wherever they find shelter. While the government subsidises education, rural children are all but forgotten.

The school is now facing a crisis, more of these children come to the school every day, many of them are in dire circumstances and we just can’t turn our back on them.

The demand is huge and the facilities are limited.

The new orphanage project will build on the success of what is already happening at the school and will be specifically catering for children that have been rescued from child exploitation and enforced labour.

It is also planned to provide a secondary school with accommodation for the most vulnerable.

International Needs Bangladesh is hoping to move forward with the Naogoan Integrated Project by constructing a three-story building to expand its ministry to the families in the region. Project duration is estimated at 18 months, six months for each phase.

The New Orphanage Building with a 3 storied building structure plan is for the expansion of the Free School with accommodation facilities for 50 vulnerable children who are engaged in Child labour.

When children are forced to work, they are often denied their rights to education, leisure and play. They are also exposed to situations that make them vulnerable to trafficking, abuse and exploitation. There are an estimated 4.75 million children aged between 5 and 16 trapped in some form of bonded labour in Bangladesh (UNICEF 2010). These forms of labour / slavery can include:

  1. Commercial Sexual Exploitation — in Bangladesh and abroad
  2. Dangerous unsafe working conditions in chemical factories and ‘sweat shops’
  3. Domestic servitude
  4. Gang enforced labour that could include forced begging or drug dealing
  5. Child trafficking to become organ ‘donors’ in neighbouring countries 


The free school is currently housed in a crowded, inefficient building across the way. It will include secondary level education, enabling poor students to pursue higher education.

The new building will have the following facilities:

  1. Primary and Secondary School for 400 children of the community (that will include 50 children rescued from child labour). 
  2. Accommodation facility for 50 children rescued from Child labour
  3. Dining Hall for 400 children
  4. Computer labs and library for the students 
  5. A chapel & seminar/workshop hall
  6. Teachers, Staff and Administrative Offices

The total cost to bring this project to completion is NZ$338,992.26.

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