Empowering women appeal

Recently in the New York Times, Rupert Schofield shared the following encounter to de-bunk the theory that 'women's empowerment is a myth!'

'Many years ago, I went to a village and handed out tiny microloans to the women living there. When I returned three months later, I went back to those people and asked them what difference the loan had made to their lives. "I no longer have to waste money on salt," one of them said. I asked her, "Why?" "Because," she said, "I now don’t need to crawl along the floor, scraping my hands and knees, to beg my husband for money, which means I don't have to buy salt to clean the wounds."'

Just as Mr Schofield witnessed first-hand the difference empowerment made in the life of this woman, we here at International Needs are proud and excited to be making a difference in the lives of women in Ghana, Cambodia, Fiji and Nepal.

Empowering women like Josephine

Let me introduce you to Josephine who lives in Ghana (West Africa). Josephine used to hawk on the streets and undertake menial jobs to eke out a living after Junior High School.

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LVTC for women in Nepal

During her visit to New Zealand in March 2019, Kalpana Tamang from the Lydia Vocational Training Centre (LVTC) in Kathmandu, Nepal, spoke to us about the plight of young Nepali women from rural areas.

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Kathy was a solo mum without support...

In the tropical paradise that is Fiji we meet a young single mother who has been given an opportunity to provide for herself and her children.

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Bopha escapes a forced marriage

International Needs New Zealand, is proud to partner with Chab Dai, a legal firm based in Cambodia. Firstly, they work hard to bring 'traffickers' to justice though the Cambodian legal system. Secondly Chab Dai invests into the lives of rescued women.

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Continue to help break the cycle and power of poverty in the lives of women, families and communities in Ghana, Cambodia, Fiji and Nepal.

You can help us by investing $50, $100, or $500 that will go toward either purchasing a new sewing machine, helping to equip and resource the vocational training centres, provide finance for micro finance loans, help to cover legal and judicial fees in Cambodia. Your investment with International Needs will see more women being rescued from the bondage of poverty, slavery and trafficking.

Thank you so much for playing an active role within the International Needs family around the world — your investment really does transform lives and change communities.