Latest appeal

We promise three things: The need is genuine.. The money will get there.. The Gospel is shared!

I now have a conundrum! I have had it since I started working with International Needs. Whenever statistics are bandied around like there is 1.2 billion people who live on less than two dollars a day or every four seconds poverty takes a child’s life, these statistics now affect me personally. My problem is that I have met them and cannot forget them. They are not statistics to me, because I can remember some of
their names.

As Executive Director of International Needs my job is to bring to life these statistics and ask our friends and supporters to help. Ray Harrison told me that when he started IN in New Zealand, he assured people of three things:

  1. That the need was genuine.
  2. That the money would get there and
  3. The gospel would be preached.

As I continue what Ray started I believe my integrity is on the line, to ensure these expectations are still fulfilled with each gift or project we support. (The exception being that we are not allowed to evangelise while receiving government funding for NZ Aid projects)

Three different groups came to mind while I was preparing this appeal...

No projects exist.