Sponsors Lounge

Thank you very much for your support! Here are some frequently asked questions:

Can I write to my child/student?

Yes, we encourage you to write to the child/student you are sponsoring.  Their mailing address is on their profile, or you can mail letters to our NZ office (we post out letters only) once a month

Will you send my letters to my child for me?

We post an envelope at the end of each month to our partner countries, so we can forward letters, stickers & photos for you (sorry, but we are unable to post parcels)

Or you can email a letter to us and we will forward it on for you (see email address at bottom of page)

Can I send postcards, photos, stickers or gifts to my child?

Yes, you are welcome to send these to your child – they will be thrilled to receive them.   

We encourage you to send photos – the children love to know what their sponsors look like.

If you wish to send gifts please do not include any of the following:

Can I send birthday and Christmas presents to my child/student?

Yes, you can; we suggest that the gift should not exceed NZ$25 in value

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. It often causes problems for our staff in the receiving country, when large presents arrive for one child and not for another
  2. Some children never receive a gift from their sponsor –as you can imagine it is very difficult for them when large gifts arrive for other children in the programme. Relatives have been known to get very angry with our staff, thinking that their child’s gift has been stolen by the office staff
  3. Postal systems in some countries are very corrupt – sometimes the parcel is stolen, other times it’s literally held hostage while postal staff extort high customs and taxes from our offices to have the gifts released, or sometimes they simply go missing

There is an alternative:  you can send a donation to our office which goes to your child – often our staff are able to take the child shopping, otherwise they will buy something appropriate for the child from you.  If you want the money spent on something specific (e.g. clothing, food, etc) let us know and we will ensure this information is passed on to our partner country. 

Please ensure you let us know if you send money for this purpose so that we can ensure it is directed accordingly. 

Can you suggest what may be a good small gift that I can send to my child/student?

There are a number of small gifts that the children like to receive:

 Sending mail to your child or student

Partner country addresses for your sponsor child

 International Needs
PO Box 2922
House No.28
Road No.7
Block – E
Dhaka 1219
(Children's codes beginning with BD...)
Kate S Ampratwum
Program Officer
International Needs Ghana
P.O. Box 690
Dansoman, Accra
(Children's codes beginning with GH...)
Prasanna & Arpana Khaling
Sano Diyo
P.O. New Rangia
Siliguri 734013
Dist Darjeeling
West Bengal
(Children's codes beginning with TAMK..., TASD... or TASG...)
Seema Pradhan (SP Coordinator)
C/- Tamangs
Thani Goan
PO Rajpur
Dehradun 248009
(Children's codes beginning with TADC... or TANS...)
Rabindra Subba
IN Network Nepal
G.P.O 8975
EPC 1903 Jawalakhel
(Children's codes beginning with NP...)
Sponsorship Coordinator
International Needs
PO Box 101
Marikina City 1800
(Children's codes beginning with PH...)
Sarah Yeheyo
Sponsorship Coordinator
IN Network
PO Box 7559
(Children's codes beginning with UG...)

 I would like to visit my sponsored child, what do I do?

Please contact Liz McManus  (Sponsorship Coordinator) at the INNZ office at least 2 months prior to your intended visit - preferably 3 months prior.