Why Sponsor

The standard child sponsorship amount is $45/month.  Children who live in our children's homes require more than one sponsorship, either 3 or 4 ($135/month or $180/month).  When this is the case the child will usually have multiple sponsors, up to four.  However, if you wish to fully sponsor the child or provide 2 or 3 sponsorship amounts, this will be happily accepted!

Your child’s profile will be posted to you, along with a confirmation letter and a payment form, which needs to be completed and posted back to us in the reply-paid envelope provided.  We prefer Direct Debit payments, but do accept Automatic Payment or Internet Banking A/P payments.

You will receive at least four communications from your sponsored child each year and you will also receive an annual photograph.  The communications may be a letter, card or school report.  If you write or send a gift to your child you will receive a response from them.

We encourage you to write to your sponsored child (the postal address is on their profile) as often as you like.  You can post your letter to us at our Tauranga office and we will forward it on for you if you prefer.  (We forward paper letters, cards, stickers or photos, we do NOT forward gifts on as this becomes too expensive.)  Alternatively you are welcome to email us - sponsorship@internationalneeds.org.nz - and we will forward your email on to our partner office who will print it out for your child (with your email address removed).

Please note that any direct communication with your sponsored child through any kind of electronic social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) or mobile phones is not allowed; in some cases a child can lose their sponsorship status with our partner offices if they communicate directly with their sponsor in this way.

International Needs is eligible for full rebate status with Inland Revenue for Child Sponsorship and Humanitarian Aid, but NOT for sponsorship of our Evangelists, Church Planters or Community Workers.  Because we are primarily an evangelical ministry we are not eligible, so the tax rebate for this work is at 6%.

If you have any questions at all please email us at the above email address or call us on 0800 463 337.

Thank you for choosing to sponsor with International Needs!