We are a worldwide Christian aid & development agency
that seeks to bring lasting transformation to people and areas of great need,
providing support to all regardless of race, religion or gender.

Syrian REFUGEES 1.7 million Syrians in freezing weather. Simon Barnett asks for your help
Egypt | Ghana | Turkey Christian aid to international needs around the world. Find out more...
Change ONE life at a time Every little bit helps communities and lives - donate to bring change.
Saying YES changes lives Child Sponsorship not only supports a child, but the family and community.
Ministry focus updates Find out what's been happening and how you can get involved.
Travel the world Short-term mission trips change lives, yours and theirs. Find out how...
International Needs New Zealand
1st Floor, 120 Eleventh Avenue

T: +64 7 578 6198 / 0800 4 NEEDS
    0800 4 63337
F: +64 7 578 6195

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