This is an urgent appeal for these displaced people, living in Turkey in the most basic conditions, without refugee status.

Turkey's resources are stretched beyond capacity and are unable to cope with any more refugees, but they still keep coming. 250 Christian families recently arrive from Iraq at place called Tokat and another 100 Muslim families arrived an area called Samsun. Turkey can't manage the refugees they already have, so new arrivals can't be registered as refugees and receive any of the benefits that are available. Unregistered refugees are called "displaced people" and are completely helpless.

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Stories from refugees in Turkey

"Zekia and her 18-year-old daughter Manar, escaped to refugee camp and ended up in Turkey. When the Syrian war first broke out her husband and one her sons found a way to get to Sweden, where they have another son who is married to Swedish lady. Zekia and Manar are awaiting visas to join the rest of the family in Sweden. "

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Background to refugee problem

Non-Government Organizations are increasingly concerned that the international response is failing to match the scale of the Syrian refugee crisis. Almost seven million people - a third of the population - are desperately in need of aid inside Syria. Meanwhile, outside of Syria, instead of slowing down, it appears that the violence is driving even more people out, and in greater numbers. Nearly two million are populating refugee camps that stretch as far as the eye can see.

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