The Jesus Film

The Jesus Film is the most effective way of reaching the unreached. Dubbed into 1,500 indigenous languages so far, it is said that 200 million have come to Jesus after watching the Jesus film. We would like to make it available to our partners in Myanmar, Dehradun India, Cambodia, and Uganda!

I have often wondered what might be the best way to help our evangelists/church planters reach people who have never heard of Jesus. As I talk with partners from around the world, they all point me to the Jesus film.

The Jesus Film was filmed on location in Israel and financed primarily by Campus Crusade for Christ. Based on the Gospel of Luke, the film was made nearly 40 years ago in 1979 and in spite of that, it is currently the most effective way of reaching the unreached. The Jesus Film has been dubbed into 1,500 indigenous languages so far. It is said that 200 million have come to Jesus after watching the Jesus Film. The New York Times once wrote, "The Jesus Film is likely the most watched motion picture of all time".

We have heard wonderful stories of people in Nepal, Northern Ghana and Bougainville from projects that we together have already funded. It is now time to help some more nations in their outreach!

We would like to make it available to our partners in:

Our goal is to fund at least one projector/ speaker system for each country. However if we reach our goal of $25,000 we will then be in a position to fund two projectors and portable wireless speakers for each country.

Operation World states "The sobering fact is that, even with all this activity, probably 24-27% of the world’s population have not had the good news presented to them in a way they could appreciate and meaningfully respond to."

As Missiologist, Ralph Winter aptly stated "The task of identifying and penetrating the remaining unreached peoples — the great challenge of "discipling all the nations" — still lies before us. But we are assured in Scripture that God will be worshipped by "a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language." We are within range of penetrating every people group on the planet with the light of the gospel with more momentum than ever before in history. Be a part of it and find a place of historic significance in declaring "His glory among the nations!"

We want to use the most effective tool available, The Jesus Film. Give to our passionate national workers and let them loose on people who have yet to hear about Jesus.

Will you help us achieve this goal?

Angela Crighton spent time in Bougainville working with a number of International Needs sponsored church planters and evangelists. Her recollections on the use and success of the 'Jesus Movie' as an evangelism and church planting tool in Bougainville is as follows...

"One occasion I remember where the use of a projector was spiritually and literally 'a light in the darkness' was on Pidia Island, Bougainville (this is the village where the film 'Mr Pip' was made). Spiritually it was a very dark place. 

After a village elder sent his boat with an outboard motor to pick us up at night, we made our way through rough seas to the village.
After hanging up our sheet-screen against a house and starting the projection of the 'Jesus' film in the Tok-Pisin language, I hid
behind a palm tree and watched as more and more people arrived on the beach and found a place on the sand to sit.
People love movies and since watching movies is not common practice in Bougainville, people will walk for miles once the
word is out and while they are there they are fully engaged in watching and listening to the movie.

That night the Lord moved in people's hearts and we were able to pray afterwards with the whole village. Some Bibles and study materials in their own language were distributed and the local Pastor committed himself to disciple the new believers.

The grand finale came at midnight when I was informed there was no petrol for the return boat trip. I was handed a wooden
paddle and together with two of the local women, we made our way in the dark through the sea to the village where I was
staying. What with shooting stars and flying fish – this was a perfect way to finish a very special night!” — Angela.

Robyn Cotton is an International Needs Board Member and witnessed the transformation of a community happen in front of her during a viewing of the Jesus movie. 

"While in northern Ghana in September 2013 I visited a rural community in this predominantly Muslim area. While I was there International Needs sponsored church workers were planning to hold a viewing of the Jesus video on a large outdoor screen. The film had been dubbedover in Frafra, the local tribal language. 

Picture this: We turn onto a dirt track full of pot holes and go through a maize field. It is a dark, starless night. We come to a
clearing where there are 422 villagers waiting in the darkness, some of whom had walked up to 3km to be there. I was taken
to a chair in the front row, feeling conspicuous as the only white person. The bugs and mosquitos buzzed us as we settled in for the two hour film.

Every time a miracle occurred on screen, there was clapping and cheering! At the end, 146 villagers went forward for an alter call and committed their lives to Christ. Of these villagers, it is expected around half would turn up to a meeting the next day with the new pastor who had arrived to start his church — it was the fourth church to be planted in the immediate area by this team since July.

What a privilege to witness this event and see transformation of this community happen right in front of me."— Robyn

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